Recessed Lighting Calculator

Number of Lights

Use the number of lights calculator to get an approximate number of recessed lights a room needs for general lighting. Then you can use the placement calculator on the next page to get an idea of where to place them.

If you already know which lights you want to install, you can enter their size and beam angle to get the approximate number of lights needed. If you are not sure which recessed lights you’ll be using, you can experiment with beam angle and light size combinations so you’ll have an idea of what to look for when choosing your lights.

These calculators are not going to be perfect for every room, so if you’re not sure about someting just use your best judgement.

To use the calculators, you’ll need to measure your rooms. If you have an open floor plan or a room without four walls, consider each area a separate room when measuring and calculating the lighting. Just imagine a wall wherever you would consider the edge of the room to be. I made a quick video below to explain what I mean.

Number of Lights (General Lighting)