How to Replace a LED Recessed Light in 30-Seconds

If you need to replace a LED recessed light, it's easy to do yourself. Here's how...
how long do led lights last
45 Years!?

Regardless of expected lifespan, LED recessed lights are electronic devices, so it’s inevitable that a certain percentage of them will fail before they’re supposed to. If this happens, you may find yourself needing to replace one. The good news is it’s fairly simple to do. If you don’t have a ladder, or you have tall ceilings, then you may need to hire a professional.  Otherwise, follow the steps below and watch me remove and replace one in 30-seconds.

1. Pull the trim down a few inches.
Get you finger nails between the ceiling and trim and pull down evenly.
2. Squeeze the "V" springs and remove the light
3. Unplug the old light
4. Plug-in the replacement light
5. Squeeze the "V" springs together and slide them in-between the hooks in the can
6. Apply even pressure to push the light up against the ceiling
All done!
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