How to Use a Light Bulb Changer for Tall Ceilings

Replace light bulbs from the floor…
Light Bulb Changer

This light bulb changer is the solution to replacing the light bulbs in tall ceilings.

The kit comes with an 11-foot telescoping pole and several adapters to change most types of light bulbs in recessed lights. This should be adequate for ceiling heights up to 16-feet.

If your ceiling is taller than 16 feet, you can stand on a ladder to get a few extra feet of height. There is also an extension pole available if needed.

Here are a few tips.

When using the changer, keep the pole as steady as possible to prevent breaking the light bulb off at its base inside the fixture.

Also, if you’re using the suction-cup tip, don’t forget to attach the release string. You need it to release the suction cup from the light bulb once you’ve screwed it in.

Most home improvement stores including Home Depot and Lowes carry the light bulb changer. Here’s one on Amazon.

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